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Challenge 1 - Secret Santa Art Making

- Copy/Paste the details in the textbox into a NEW COMMENT
- If you are posting a lot of art all at once, I only require one textbox but you can use multiple comments for the art.
- If you come back to submit more, then you would need to use another textbox
- You need to give a name to the type of art you are submitting as well as the number of them you are submitting.
- You can make anything you'd like as long as you can put a name to it. Even custom sized art is fine.
- You cannot put "BANNER", there are more descriptive words than that for what you have made

Fandoms Used: Agents of Shield, Elementary, Gossip Girl
Types of Art [#of Each]:
Header = 4
Icons = 2
Sigtags = 10
Wallpaper = 4


Username/Name: candream
Team: steampunk
Fandoms/Characters/Ships/etc: Avatar: The Last Airbender [Aang, Zuko, "Team Avatar"]. Band of Brothers [Richard Winters]. Harry Potter [Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom; Luna/Neville]. Lord of the Rings [Faramir]. Marvel Cinematic Universe [Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Maya Hansen, Clint Barton; Bucky/Steve, Tony/Maya, Tony/Bruce, Clint/Natasha, Tony&Harley {only father-and-son-relationship!}]. The Chronicles of Narnia [Lucy Pevensie, Prince Caspian]. The Walking Dead [Daryl Dixon, Glenn Rhee; Daryl/Carol, Glenn/Maggie].

Types of Art [Dimensions]: icons [100x100]. wallpapers [1024x768]. headers [800x400]. FO-banners [NO bigger than 500x400. Everything under 500x400 is okay to use.]. sigtags [300x150]
Any specific colors you'd like: blue, purple and everything that fits to the art.
Anything you don't like: orange, brown, any blinding colors
Anything else: I love stock-icons (some examples: Paris [France], oceans, marine animals, snow, winter, autumn leaves)

Chronicles of Narnia
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Stock - Paris, Ocean

Friends Only = 3
Header = 2
Icons = 15
Sigtags = 12
Wallpapers = 5

Tags: + secret santa


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