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[IMPORTANT] Golden Tickets

So, you've come to find out what the 411 is on The Golden Tickets and misc cards? Awesome!
Okay, so throughout a phase, there will be challenges where part of the prizes (besides points) will be tickets. It will be totally random and no one will be told which challenges will result in the giving out of cards or tickets.
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There are two ways to use the Golden Tickets:

1) You can can save them for a later challenge and submit them in for the challenge and get the points instead of making art for that challenge. Or you could use a Golden Ticket and get the remaining points by creating art. However keep in mind that if you use a Golden Ticket, it only applies to the Main Challenge. You can't do the Main challenge and submit a Golden Ticket for the Extra challenge. You also can't submit a Golden Ticket and then do the Extra Challenge, you still need to do something for the Main Challenge to do the Extra Chalenge.


2) If you want to get the points for the ticket right after you win it, you could do that too. In each results post where you could have won a Golden Ticket there will be a "Use Golden Ticket Now" comment where you can request to use it right there and then. Meaning you would just receive the points, instead of saving it for a later challenge. 
ATTENTION: Tickets can NOT be used for EVERY challenge.

You will be able to tell if you (A) Have any and (B) if you can use them in every single challenge. You will submit your Golden Tickets right there on the challenge under your team thread if you are in fact going to use them.

Here's how you can Win them:
1) In challenges that say you can win them, either Pick that number or in voting
2) Newbies instantly get a 25 point GT
3) If you participate in all challenges in a phase you will get a 100 pt GT automatically
4) There will also be some I'll hand out for reasons you will not be aware of until you win them. So it could be a number of things. It's like mystery award. It's there but you don't know what to do to get it.

Got a question about the tickets? Ask.


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