November 24th, 2020

Neal Peter badges


Username: sgafirenity
Land of Art Team: Land of Art Mod
Other Comm Team Names (if applicable): crew land

Type of Art (Include Dimesions): desktop wallpapers (1920x1080), fanmixes (looking for new music), GIFs (preferably with text), icons, mod icons, if you are a fan of the fandoms, fic banners of any size would be cool of My Fanfiction.

TV Shows
- American Ninja Warrior - Jessie Graff
- Departure - Kendra
- Fear the Walking Dead - Alicia Clark
- Glee - Santana Lopez; Santana/Brittany, Santana/Kurt/Rachel (friendship)
- Killing Eve - Villanelle
- Killjoys - Dutch
- Legacies - Hope Mikaelson, Lizzie Saltzman; Lizzie/Hope
- Lucifer - Mazikeen
- Merlin - Morgana Pendragon
- Snowpiercer - Melanie Cavill
- Star Trek: Discovery - Michael Burnham, Saru, Phillipa Georgiou
- Supergirl - Kara Danvers, Alex Danvers, Lena Luthor; Lena/Kara, Alex/Kara (Sisters), Lena/Kara/Alex
- The 100 - Commander Lexa, Octavia Blake, Echo (seasons 6/7); Clarke/Lexa
- The Expanse - Chrisjen, Bobby, Carmina; Bobby/Chrisjen (friendship)
- Warrior Nun - Sister Lilith, Sister Beatrice, Shotgun Mary
- Wynonna Earp - Wynonna Earp, Waverly Earp, Nicole Haught, Nicole/Waverly, Waverly/Wynonna (Sisters), Wynonna/Nicole (Friends)

- Captain Marvel - Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel
- Black Panther - Shuri, Okoye
- Avengers Movies: Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff
- Star Wars: Rey

- Katie McGrath, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Blake Lively, Anna Kendrick, Chyler Leigh (more recent in her days of Supergirl)

Any Additional Information: Have fun and thank you so much. Prefer art in color, unless it's black and white with color.