February 5th, 2015

MOD Melanie

20in20 Voting Part 2

 photo 20in20_zpsa5eefffa.jpg
Challenge 10 - 20in20 Voting

- Vote for your Top 5
- Numbers are above the icon.
- Vote with comma's in between each one voted for. (ex. 5,8,9,1,3)

**Note: At the bottom of this voting, there is a "RANDOMS" category. Now this is the category that includes all of the icons that didn't follow the themes of the categories they were supposed to be in. In normal cases, I would contact those members and get them to change their icon to fit the category (I'm just that nice). However, because I'm so late on posting this, I don't have time to wait for you guys to change them... So I've made another voting that includes those 5 icons. They will NOT get the same amount of points as the other winning icons. IF your icon is in that category, you CANNOT vote in that category. You will not be penalized if you can't.**

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