October 24th, 2014

MOD Stitch


 photo SecretSantaSign-Up.jpg
Challenge 1 - Secret Santa Art Making

- Copy/Paste the details in the textbox into a NEW COMMENT
- If you are posting a lot of art all at once, I only require one textbox but you can use multiple comments for the art.
- If you come back to submit more, then you would need to use another textbox
- You need to give a name to the type of art you are submitting as well as the number of them you are submitting.
- You can make anything you'd like as long as you can put a name to it. Even custom sized art is fine.
- You cannot put "BANNER", there are more descriptive words than that for what you have made

Fandoms Used: Agents of Shield, Elementary, Gossip Girl
Types of Art [#of Each]:
Header = 4
Icons = 2
Sigtags = 10
Wallpaper = 4


Username/Name: Entireoranges / Tabetha
Team: Steampunk
M*A*S*H (Charles/Margaret) - Classic Doctor Who - New Doctor Who - So Weird (Carey/Molly) - Christy (Neil/Christy) - Freaks & Geeks (Nick/Lindsay. Bill/Vicky) - The Dick Van Dyke Show - Law & Order CI (Goren/Eames. Nichols/Stevens) - Stargate SG1 - Star Trek TNG - Star Trek Voyager - Star Trek - Star Trek Enterprise - Emergency! - Stargate Atlantis - The Fosters - Dancing With The Stars (Val Chmerkovskiy especially) - X-Files (Mulder/Scully) - The Middle (Darrin/Sue) - Sherlock - Elementary - Boy Meets World - Gilmore Girls - Full House - The Rifleman (Luke/Lou) - Sleepy Hollow (Ichabod/Abbie) - iCarly (Spencer/Sam) - Melissa & Joey (Marco/Lennox) Dear Frankie - August Rush - While You Were Sleeping - Bend It Like Beckham - The Deer Hunter

Types of Art [Dimensions]: Sigtags - Tumblr graphics - Icons - Gifs
Any specific colors you'd like: I am a fan of black/white along with black/red.
Anything you don't like: Pink or purple
Anything else: Nope! Just thank you and have fun!

Bend it like Beckham
Doctor Who
Law & Order: CI
Stargate SG1
The Van Dyke Show
While You Were Sleeping

Icons = 17
Sigtags = 17
Tumblr = 1